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Mary Wu. Registered Nutritionist.

Mary Wu

Mary Wu is a Registered Nutritionist and Weight Management Coach who graduated from the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition and the Canadian Academy of Natural Health. She is a registered member in good standing at the Canadian Consilium of Natural Health. 

"Prevention is better than cure."

About Mary

Mary has firsthand experience on how nutrition has helped her and her family heal. Mary and her husband had chronic health issues and were on medication. Through her knowledge of nutrition, she has been able to heal herself and her husband naturally and successfully get off their medication. Mary's son is diagnosed with autism and she has been able to help her son with his meltdowns, digestive issues, anxiety, and memory issues by implementing nutrition in his life. 

Mary has assisted numerous clients with various health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, fatty liver, digestive issues, multiple sclerosis, depression, anxiety and arthritis to name a few. She has been successful in helping them get better and get off medication. She has had great success helping people lose weight and ensures her clients maintain their healthy weight.

Mary has a foundational and holistic approach to nutrition. She believes that by addressing the root cause of illness we can help our clients improve their overall quality of life. She is passionate about educating her clients on how to lead healthier lives. She is working in the Autism community assisting children with special needs to improve their quality of life.

Click here to read some of her testimonials from her clients.

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Mary is currently accepting new clients and is always looking forward to help her clients achieve their health goals.

(416) 899 5240

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