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An Asian-Canadian Therapist

Jasmine understands that clients are looking for a therapist who is capable of empathizing unique cultural-specific struggles. As an Asian-Canadian therapist, Jasmine has a specialized niche and passion in helping Asian-Canadian clients who have issues that may have stemmed from cultural conflicts between their Asian culture and Canadian culture. 

Jasmine's Culturally-Sensitive Therapy

It is common for first generation Canadians to experience some form of "cultural clash" that may cause distress. Growing up, Jasmine was "stuck" in between her identity as a Chinese and Canadian. She understands your mental health issues from an Asian-Canadian framework.

Jasmine is passionate and empathetic in listening to stories of immigrant family. She will provide you the safe space to be understood and empathized as a unique individual while factoring in your cultural context. Jasmine will create therapy goals collaboratively that makes the most sense to you individually and culturally. 

The mission for your culturally-sensitive therapy remains the same:


  • Providing you a safe and non-judgemental space for you to be true to yourself.

  • Create and build coping skills individualized to your unique goals and needs.

  • Help you become independent, confident, and effective.

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