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Low Motivation

A lack of drive, enthusiasm, or energy to pursue goals or engage in activities.


What is Low Motivation?

Low motivation is when you struggle to find the energy or enthusiasm to start or complete tasks, often feeling disinterested or lacking in drive. It can lead to procrastination and difficulty achieving goals.

How do I know if I have Low Motivation?

You might have low motivation if you find it challenging to initiate or complete tasks, experience a lack of enthusiasm or interest in activities you once enjoyed, and frequently procrastinate or struggle to set and achieve goals.


What can I do about Low Motivation?

Start by setting clear, achievable goals that really mean something to you. Break big tasks into smaller steps to make them less overwhelming. Figure out why these goals matter to you—it could be connecting them to your values or long-term dreams. Establishing a daily routine can help give you structure and keep you on track.

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