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Co-op Placement at
Reflections Therapy

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At Reflections Therapy, we seek to inspire students who have the desire to pursue a career in Psychology. We pride ourselves in creating a safe learning environment so students will at ease asking questions, being vulnerable, and taking risks. We understand entering into the unknown can be intimidating!


Students will get a taste of what it's like to work in a private mental health clinic. The student will experience administration, marketing, and (mock) clinical work. Our goal is to provide valuable experience and skills that will be an asset to a student's future endeavors. We feel extremely satisfied when our co-op student have gained something out of our clinic!

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The Student, You!

You are a student who is very interested and passionate in the field of psychology and is eager to gain field experience at a mental health clinic. You are eager to learn, grow, and take feedback to better your skills and knowledge. 

Working at Reflections Therapy is primarily remote, so you, the student, must be capable of working with minimal supervision, be self-motivated, and responsible. Additionally, you are prompt and reliable in communicating with your Supervisor or Clinical Director. 

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Placement Description

  • Creating content on our Blogs page and Instagram about mental health and psychology-related topics

  • Researching psychology content from credible sources

  • Participate in mock therapy sessions where you get to have a taste of what it's like to be a therapist!

  • Commit weekly to bi-weekly meetings with your Supervisor or with the Clinical Director

  • Responding to emails promptly and professionally

  • Has an interest and passion in the field of Psychology

  • Openness to feedback and growth

  • Self-driven, motivated, and able to work independently with minimal supervision

  • Optional: social media experience

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Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying your placement at Reflections Therapy! We are so excited to hear that you would like to join the team. To apply, please email your resume and cover letter to For the cover letter, please answer the following questions:

  1. What is your availability, the hours per week you would like to commit, and start date?

  2. Why are you interested in the field of Psychology?

  3. What do you hope to learn from Reflections Therapy?

If you are selected for the interview, please note there is a 2-stage process interview where you will be interviewed first with the Co-op Student Supervisor, and then you will proceed to be interviewed by the Clinical Director. As it is a 2-stage process, please plan accordingly and apply early to ensure you will start your placement on time.

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