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Emotional Dysregulation

Emotional dysregulation refers to a condition where an individual experiences difficulties in regulating and expressing emotions effectively. This can manifest in various ways, such as heightened emotional reactivity, difficulty in understanding and managing one's own emotions, or challenges in forming and maintaining healthy relationships.

Do you think you have Emotional Dysregulation?

Determining if you have emotional dysfunction involves a careful evaluation of your emotional responses and their impact on your daily life. You might notice persistent difficulties in managing your emotions, such as excessive mood swings, frequent overwhelming feelings, or a consistent inability to feel emotions deeply. These issues often lead to challenges in personal relationships and professional settings.

List of Different Types of Emotional Dysgregulation's

A powerful emotion characterized by feelings of displeasure, hostility, and frustration.

A sense of being unable to cope with the demands or pressures of a situation.

An often overwhelming emotion characterized by feelings of sorrow, grief, and melancholy.

Enacting ritualistic overt or covert behaviours to give yourself a sense of relief or security. There is fear if you do not complete a ritualistic behaviour

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