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Peer Mentorship & Career Coaching

Choosing your career path in therapy is no small investment. The amount of time, effort, and money it takes for graduate school and to get licensed requires you to seriously consider before you decide to go for it.

The Peer Mentorship & Career Coaching service is a wonderful opportunity for you to gather information from therapists who are current and in the practice, so that all of your questions and uncertainties are answered with clarity. We are here to guide you so you feel most confident in the choices you make.

If you are a prospective therapist who wants to learn more about the wild journey in being a therapist, then this service is for you!

Guidance from a Professional & Therapist

It is difficult to find the right information online and you will definitely not hear the "honest feedback" from grad schools. This is where the guidance from a modern and up-to-date therapist comes in so that you get the important and personalized information you need so you feel confident in making the right choice for your career.

We provide professional guidance for prospective therapists and graduate students who are interested in pursuing therapy as a career. The coaching sessions are warm, empathetic and supportive so that you feel confident in the decisions you will make. We individually tailor our coaching sessions to meet your goals and needs. To find out more, book a discovery call!

Each mentorship session is virtual only and is 1-hour in length. The rate is $90 HST included.

Reserve your spot now!

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