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5 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Having trouble identifying if you are in a healthy relationship? Here are the essential 5 signs of a healthy relationship!


You and your partner are at ease when you're both not present with each other. This means that neither of you are frantically texting nor freaking out during silence between texts. You have faith in your partner despite their absence.

Communication is transparent. You feel safe when you are honest because you are not afraid of how your partner will respond. You are not afraid to be emotionally naked with your partner - this means baring out your thoughts and feelings.

For example: you can vent out your stressful day at work and you feel safe doing so. Your partner will listen to you wholeheartedly.


You recognize your partner does not possess you and you do not possess your partner. This means that you are still your own person with individual needs, hobbies, and personality. You can freely engage in your personal activities without clinging your partner to follow wherever you go and vice versa. You continue to feel confident and complete as a person despite your partner's absence. You are free to be you and you give this freedom in return to your partner.

For example: your partner can hang out with his friends without you needing to be there. You feel comfortable being in your own space.


Both you and your partner respect each other's values, boundaries, beliefs, and needs. By respecting each other, both of you will learn to compromise to each other's needs in a healthy manner. Lacking respect will lead to a violation of one's beliefs, morals, values, and boundaries. You value what your partner has to say and vice versa.

For example: Your partner values family, and you respect his need to spend time with his family


You and your partner do not blame on each other, but rather take ownership of your actions and words. This means that you and your partner sincerely apologize when you both have hurt one another. You both take responsibility to improve the relationship instead of displacing the responsibility to an external factor.

For example: your partner apologizes for hurting you even though she didn't mean to. She doesn't blame you for being "sensitive".

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are normal in a relationship, though you and your partner can have an open and mature discussion about the matter without throwing insults, degrading comments or being passive aggressive. You both can address the issue to prevent it from escalating and do your best to resolve it.

For example: your partner spent money unwisely and you calmly discuss your concerns about the finances and coming up with a strategy together. You refrain from insults.

Do you feel like your relationship has these 5 signs? If not, what can you and your partner do to address what is lacking?

About The Author

Jasmine Tsang is a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) under the College of Registered Psychotherapist Ontario (CRPO) and the founder of Reflections Therapy. She specializes in providing counselling services for people facing challenges in their adulthood such as relationships, self-esteem issues, school & career stressors, anxiety, and depression. For more information about Jasmine, click here to read her bio.

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